GRE Word List


having or expressing little or no sensibility : unemotional

The meaning of the word stolid is having or expressing little or no sensibility : unemotional.

Random words

sturdyfirmly built or constituted : stout
blowhardan arrogantly and pompously boastful or opinionated person : braggart
nattytrimly neat and tidy : smart
prurientmarked by or arousing an immoderate or unwholesome interest or desire
foreshadowto represent, indicate, or typify beforehand : prefigure
stratageman artifice or trick in war for deceiving and outwitting the enemy
executiveof or relating to the execution of the laws and the conduct of public and national affairs
hoaxto trick into believing or accepting as genuine something false and often preposterous
hazymade dim or cloudy by or as if by fine dust, smoke, or light vapor in the air : obscured by or as if by haze (see haze