GRE Word List


a frame or machine for interlacing (see interlace

The meaning of the word loom is a frame or machine for interlacing (see interlace.

Random words

historicalof, relating to, or having the character of history
contemptthe act of despising : the state of mind of one who despises : disdain
anthropoidany of a suborder (Anthropoidea) of higher primates (such as macaques and marmosets)
overblownpast the prime of bloom
satyra sylvan deity in Greek mythology having certain characteristics of a horse or goat and fond of Dionysian revelry
traduceto expose to shame or blame by means of falsehood and misrepresentation
podiatristthe medical care and treatment of the human foot
epauletsomething that ornaments or protects the shoulder: such as
hummocka rounded knoll or hillock
circuitoushaving a circular or winding course