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GRE Word List


hypnotize; N. mesmerism; CF. Franz Mesmer

The meaning of the word mesmerize is hypnotize; N. mesmerism; CF. Franz Mesmer.

Random words

opprobriuminfamy; disgrace arising from shameful conduct; vilification(slander); scorn; contempt; Ex. opprobrium hurled against him; ADJ. opprobrious: expressing contempt; shameful or infamous
gambolromp; skip about; leap about playfully; frolic; N.
far-fetchedtoo improbable to be believed; implausible; Ex. far-fetched story
torrid(of weather) hot or scorching; passionate; Ex. torrid love affairs
eulogisticpraising; full of eulogy
gleangather leavings; gather grain left behind by reapers; gather bit by bit (facts or information) often with difficulty
beseechbeg; plead with
chucklelaugh quietly
dwindleshrink; reduce gradually