GRE Word List


things thrown from a ship (to lighten the ship)

The meaning of the word jetsam is things thrown from a ship (to lighten the ship).

Random words

deploreregret; express sorrow and severe disapproval for something bad; Ex. deplore their violent behavior; ADJ. deplorable: very bad; deserving severe disapproval; Ex. deplorable living condition
abeyancesuspended action
vauntedboasted; bragged; highly publicized; V. vaunt: boast; brag
billowlarge wave of water; a great swell or surge (of smoke); V: surge, swell, roll in billows
impenitentnot repentant
subtletyperceptiveness; ingenuity; delicacy; ADJ. subtle: delicate; so slight as to be difficult to detect; able to make fine distinctions; clever; Ex. subtle mind/differences in meaning
tenureholding of an office or real estate; time during which such an office is held
depositiontestimony under oath; deposing; dethroning
sensuousgiving pleasure to the senses; pertaining to the physical senses; operating through the senses; sensuous feeling of soft velvet on the skin
stoicstoical; impassive; unmoved by joy or grief; N. CF. stoicism