GRE Word List


argue about prices (in an attempt to bargain)

The meaning of the word haggle is argue about prices (in an attempt to bargain).

Random words

syntheticnot natural; artificial; resulting from synthesis; Ex. synthetic fiber; N.
retractwithdraw; take back; draw back; Ex. retract a statement/an offer/claws; N. retraction; CF. retractile
confidetell in confidence (to a person one trusts); be confident about
eccentricityoddity; idiosyncrasy
venisonmeat of a deer; CF. cow: beef; CF. pig: pork, ham, bacon; CF. calf: veal; CF. sheep: mutton; CF. lamb: lamb
callusarea of thick hard skin
badgerpester; annoy continually with demands; persuade by asking again and again; Ex. The children badgered me into taking them into the cinema; N: a kind of mountain animal
tauttight; strained; tense; ready; OP. slack
foistinsert improperly; impose upon another by coercion; palm off; pass off as genuine or worthy; CF. fist