GRE Word List


chatter rapidly or unintelligibly

The meaning of the word jabber is chatter rapidly or unintelligibly.

Random words

mutablilityability to change in form; fickleness; ADJ. mutable: able to change; fickle; CF. mutate; CF. mutant
lancepierce with a lance; cut into; N: spearlike weapon
discordantnot harmonious; conflicting
arteryblood-vessel; CF. vein
seditionconduct or language inciting rebellion; rebellion; resistance to authority; insubordination; ADJ. seditious
bequeathleave to someone by means of a will; hand down in his will; N. bequest
inchoate(of desire, wish, plan) recently begun; not explicit; at the beginning of development; rudimentary; elementary; Ex. inchoate mass
sibyllineprophetic; oracular; N. sibyl: woman prophet (in the ancient world)
kleptomaniacperson who has a compulsive desire to steal
prescienceability to foretell the future; knowledge of actions before they occur; ADJ. prescient