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GRE Word List


chatter rapidly or unintelligibly

The meaning of the word jabber is chatter rapidly or unintelligibly.

Random words

denouementfinal outcome; final development of the plot of a play or other literary work; the end of a story when everything is explained
autocratichaving absolute unchecked power; dictatorial; N. autocrat, autocracy
frailweak; N. frailty
scurrilousabusive; obscene; indecent; Ex. scurrilous remark
importunateurging; always demanding; troublesomely urgent or persistent
seresear; parched; dry
paramountforemost in importance; supreme; CF. para-: beyond; above; Ex. paranormal
carefreefree from worries; having no problems
reprehensibledeserving blame; blameworthy; V. reprehend: blame