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GRE Word List


maker and seller of eyeglasses

The meaning of the word optician is maker and seller of eyeglasses.

Random words

retaliaterepay in kind (usually for bad treatment); V. retaliate
foreshadowgive an indication beforehand; be a sign of (what is coming); portend; prefigure
vulgarof the common people; deficient in refinement; not refined; coarse; Ex. vulgar display of wealth; N. vulgarism: vulgarity; crudely indecent word; CF. vulgarian: vulgar person; boor; lout
acuitysharpness (of mind or senses of sight or hearing)
crotchety(of someone old) eccentric; odd; whimsical; bad-tempered; N. crotchet: odd or whimsical notion
archaeologystudy of artifacts and relics of early mankind
controvertoppose with arguments; attempt to refute; contradict; ADJ. controversial; N. controversy
appurtenancessubordinate possessions; something added to a more important thing
abject(of a condition) wretched; as low as possible; lacking pride; very humble; showing lack of self-respect; Ex. abject apology
panaceacure-all; remedy for all diseases