GRE Word List


prohibit; forbid; N.

The meaning of the word interdict is prohibit; forbid; N..

Random words

blackballvote against (an applicant); ostracize; N: negative vote
parlancelanguage; manner of speaking; idiom; Ex. in legal/common parlance
wallowroll in mud; indulge in; (of a ship) roll in a rough sea; become helpless; Ex. wallow in the mud/luxury
multiformhaving many forms
anthemsong of praise or patriotism; Ex. national anthem
unconscionableunscrupulous; not guided by conscience; excessive; beyond reason; Ex. unconscionable demand
nursesuckle; take care of (as a nurse); bear in mind; Ex. nursing mother; Ex. nurse a hope/grudge against someone
grudgedeep feeling of dislike; Ex. grudge fight; V.
enlist(cause to) join the armed forces; obtain (help, sympathy, or support)
condignadequate; (of punishment) severe and well deserved