GRE Word List


scholar; learned person; CF. savoir: know

The meaning of the word savant is scholar; learned person; CF. savoir: know.

Random words

amoralnonmoral; having no understanding of right and wrong
drivelnonsense; foolishness; V: talk nonsense
viablecapable of maintaining life; feasible; practical or workable; Ex. viable scheme
contravenecontradict; oppose; violate (a rule, law, or custom); N. contravention
turbid(of a liquid) having the sediment disturbed; muddy; thick
slapdashhasty and careless; haphazard; sloppy(carelessly done)
allocateassign; set apart for a particular purpose
quellsuppress; put an end to; put down forcibly; extinguish; quiet; Ex. ``Army Quells Rebellion'' in newspaper; CF. kill
incommodiousnot spacious; inconvenient
exegesisexplanation, especially of biblical(of the bible) passages