GRE Word List


bugbear; object of baseless terror

The meaning of the word bugaboo is bugbear; object of baseless terror.

Random words

falterhesitate; weaken in purpose or action; walk or move unsteadily through weakness; N.
censoriousseverely critical
parochialnarrow in scope or outlook; provincial; related to parishes
postulateself-evident truth; something assumed without proof; V: assume the truth of (as a basis of an argument)
allocateassign; set apart for a particular purpose
schismdivision into factions (esp. within a religious body); split
amisswrong; faulty; Ex. something amiss; ADV.
patrimonyproperty inherited from a father
doltslow-thinking stupid person; CF. dull
scorenumber of points; written form of a musical composition; reason; group of 20; notch or incision; Ex. full/vocal score; Ex. Don't worry on that score; V: mark with lines or notches; Ex. score the paper to make it easy to fold