GRE Word List


steadfast; firm; not changing

The meaning of the word unfaltering is steadfast; firm; not changing.

Random words

defunctdead; no longer in use or existence
ciphernonentity; worthless person or thing; zero; secret code; V.
enlist(cause to) join the armed forces; obtain (help, sympathy, or support)
prohibitiveso high as to prohibit purchase or use; tending to prevent the purchase or use of something; prohibiting; inclined to prevent or forbid; Ex. prohibitive tax
cleavesplit or sever; cling to; remain faithful to; N. cleavage; ADJ. cloven
congenitalexisting at birth
pendanthanging down from something; pending; N: ornament (hanging from a necklace etc.)
megalomaniamania for doing grandiose things; mental disorder characterized by delusions of wealth, power, or importance
imprudentlacking caution; not prudent; injudicious
lanklong and thin; Ex. Lank, gaunt, Abraham Lincoln