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GRE Word List


annoy; distress

The meaning of the word vex is annoy; distress.

Random words

nepotismfavoritism (to a relative); CF. nephew
humanitarianone devoted to the promotion of human welfare; CF. humanism
husbanduse sparingly; conserve; save; Ex. husband one's energy; CF. house holder
pursepucker; contract (lips) into wrinkles; N: wallet
scrupulousconscientious; extremely thorough; Ex. scrupulous worker
improvisecompose on the spur of the moment
fawningcourting favor by cringing and flattering; V. fawn: exhibit affection as a dog; seek favor or attention by obsequiousness
incontrovertibleindisputable; impossible to dispute; not open to question; unquestionable
vassalin feudalism, one who held land of a superior lord; subordinate or dependent
propulsivedriving forward; N. propulsion