GRE Word List


naive and trusting; young; unsophisticated; candid

The meaning of the word ingenuous is naive and trusting; young; unsophisticated; candid.

Random words

laitylaypersons; laymen; persons not connected with the clergy
enthrallcapture; enslave; captivate; hold the complete attention of (as if magic); hold spellbound
vernalpertaining to spring
overturnturn over; capsize; topple
profusiongreat amount; plenty; overabundance; excess; lavish expenditure; Ex. profusion of choices; ADJ. profuse: plentiful; copious; giving or given abundantly; extravagant
adagewise saying; proverb
bedragglewet thoroughly; ADJ. bedraggled: draggled
objectivenot influenced by emotions; fair; N: goal; aim
replenishfill up again
fretbe annoyed or vexed; Ex. fret over your poor grades; N: irritation of mind; ADJ. fretful