GRE Word List



The meaning of the word libidinous is lustful.

Random words

broochornamental clasp; pin
morbidgiven to unwholesome or unhealthy thought; moody; characteristic of disease; Ex. morbid curiosity; N. morbidity; CF. disease
idiomexpression whose meaning as a whole differs from the meanings of its individual words; distinctive style (of expression); Ex. idiom of the modern popular music; ADJ. idiomatic
conglomerationmass of material sticking together
sterileincapable of producing young; free from microorganism; V. sterilize
hirsutehairy; having a lot of hair
qualifyreach a necessary standard; limit the meaning of something stated
acrimoniousstinging; caustic; bitter in words or manner; N. acrimony: bitter ill-natured animosity in speech or behavior
mangeskin disease (esp. of domestic animals) marked by loss of hair
humanemarked by kindness or consideration; kind and compassionate; humanitarian