GRE Word List


difficult to please; squeamish; fussy; finicky

The meaning of the word fastidious is difficult to please; squeamish; fussy; finicky.

Random words

impendingnearing; approaching; about to happen
prosaiclacking in imagination; dull and unimaginative; matter-of-fact(concerned with facts, not imagination or feelings); factual; CF. prose
ramificationbranching out; subdivision; one branch of a system; one of the results following from an action or decision; Ex. ramifications of a business/the decision
impartialnot biased; fair; N. impartiality
subservientbehaving like a slave; servile; obsequious; subordinate; N. subservience
estrangedseparated; alienated; V. estrange: alienate (people in a family); N. estrangement
auguryomen; prophecy; sign of coming events; V. augur: predict; foretell; be a sign of (something in future)
torrid(of weather) hot or scorching; passionate; Ex. torrid love affairs
killjoygrouch; spoilsport; one who intentionally spoils the pleasure of others
genesisbeginning; origin