GRE Word List


difficult to please; squeamish; fussy; finicky

The meaning of the word fastidious is difficult to please; squeamish; fussy; finicky.

Random words

valorbravery; ADJ. valiant: possessing valor; brave
vainfull of self-admiration; conceited; without result; unsuccessful; N. vanity
miscellaneousmade up of a variety of parts
demoticof or pertaining to the people
acquiesceassent; agree passively; comply without protest
incubatehatch; warm (eggs) with the body to promote hatching; maintain at optimal environment conditions for development; be holding in one's body an infection which is going to develop into a disease; N. incubation; CF. incubation:disease
bereaveddeprived of (someone beloved through death)
unraveldisentangle; solve
rapaciousvoracious; ravenous; taking everything one can; excessively grasping; plundering; subsisting on live prey; Ex. rapacious birds