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GRE Word List


lacking self-restraint; not continent; licentious

The meaning of the word incontinent is lacking self-restraint; not continent; licentious.

Random words

witticismwitty saying; wisecrack(clever joking remark)
divineperceive intuitively (by or as if by magic); foresee the future; foretell; dowse; ADJ. N. divination
habituateaccustom or familiarize; addict
headlonghasty; rash; headfirst; ADV.
introspectivelooking within oneself; N. introspection: self-examination
forwardpresumptuous or bold
jaunttrip; short journey
dotagesenility; feeblemindedness of old age; Ex. In one's dotage
phariseePharisee: member of an ancient Jewish group that emphasized strict observance of the Mosaic law (considering themselves very holy); hypocritical self-righteous person
concurrenthappening at the same time; in agreement