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GRE Word List


destroy or wear away gradually by chemical action (over a long period)

The meaning of the word corrode is destroy or wear away gradually by chemical action (over a long period).

Random words

punctiliousminutely attentive (perhaps too much so) to fine points; stressing niceties of conduct or form; N. punctilio, punctiliousness: careful attention payed to every small exact detail
freneticfrenzied; frantic
perturbdisturb greatly
repealrevoke; annul
corollarynatural consequence (which naturally follows from something else)
perorationconclusion of an oration; perorating; V. perorate: conclude a speech; speak at great length
substantiatesupport (a claim) with evidence; establish with evidence; verify
importunateurging; always demanding; troublesomely urgent or persistent
partialincomplete; favoring one side over another; having a liking for something
sinewy(of meat) tough; strong and firm; muscular; N. sinew: tendon; strong cord connecting a muscle to a bone

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