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GRE Word List


entirely acceptable; not offering any basis for criticism

The meaning of the word unexceptionable is entirely acceptable; not offering any basis for criticism.

Random words

convergeapproach; tend to meet; come together
disclaimdisown; renounce claim to; deny; CF. disclaimer
congenialpleasant; friendly; in agreement with one's tastes and nature; Ex. congenial weather
repellentdriving away; disgusting; offensive; repulsive; unattractive; N.
stiltedbombastic; stiffly pompous; Ex. stilted rhetoric; CF. stiff: formal
betokensignify; indicate; be a sign of
absolutecomplete; totally unlimited; having complete power; certain; not relative; Ex. absolute honesty/ruler; CF. absolutism
grapplewrestle; come to grips with; take hold of and struggle with; Ex. grapple with the burglar
retainkeep; maintain possession of; employ (esp. a lawyer or advisor); N. retainer: servant; fee paid to retain an advisor
fellcut or knock down (a tree or a person); bring down (with a missile)