GRE Word List


increasing by successive additions

The meaning of the word cumulative is increasing by successive additions.

Random words

philanthropistone who makes an active effort to promote human welfare : a person who practices philanthropy
avalanchea large mass of snow, ice, earth, rock, or other material in swift motion down a mountainside or over a precipice
commensuratecorresponding in size, extent, amount, or degree : proportionate
inductto put in formal possession (as of a benefice or office) : install
fanciedimagined or believed to be true or real
friezea heavy durable coarse wool and shoddy fabric with a rough surface
yoretime past and especially long past
depredationto lay waste : plunder
traumaticpsychologically or emotionally stressful in a way that can lead to serious mental and emotional problems
travestya debased, distorted, or grossly inferior imitation