GRE Word List


growing by addition; accumulative

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The meaning of the word cumulative is growing by addition; accumulative.

Random words

nascentincipient; coming into being or existence; Ex. nascent ability in music
wrinklesmall ridge on a smooth surface (face or cloth); V.
finessedelicate skill; V: handle with finesse
lassitudelanguor; weariness; listlessness
validlogically convincing; sound; legally acceptable; effective; Ex. valid reasoning/passport
spry(esp. of older people) vigorously active; nimble
absolvepardon (an offense)
credentialevidence concerning one's authority; written proof of a person's position; Ex. The new ambassador presented his credentials to the court.
impregnableinvulnerable; impossible to capture or enter by force; Ex. impregnable fort/argument; CF. take