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GRE Word List


beg persistently; make repeated requests (in an annoying way)

The meaning of the word importune is beg persistently; make repeated requests (in an annoying way).

Random words

consensusgeneral agreement; opinion reached by a group
vouchsafegrant condescendingly; guarantee; Ex. vouchsafe your fair return on your investment
fussyfastidious; finicky; easily upset
provisostipulation; condition in an agreement; provision
fallow(of land) plowed but not sowed (to improve the quality); uncultivated
dissensiondisagreement of opinions causing strife within a group
effusionpouring forth; unrestrained outpouring of feeling; V. effuse: pour out; ADJ. effusive: pouring forth; gushing
infernalpertaining to hell; devilish; N. inferno: place of fiery heat or destruction
obstinatestubborn; hard to control or treat; Ex. obstinate cough; N. obstinacy
baskluxuriate; take pleasure in warmth