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GRE Word List


urging; always demanding; troublesomely urgent or persistent

The meaning of the word importunate is urging; always demanding; troublesomely urgent or persistent.

Random words

decadencedecay; fall to a lower level (of morality, civilization, or art); ADJ. decadent
grudgedeep feeling of dislike; Ex. grudge fight; V.
improvisecompose on the spur of the moment
refutedisprove; prove to be false; N. refutation
inasmuch_assince; owing to the fact that
shiftchange position or place; exchange (one thing) for another; change in direction or position; Ex. shift the stolen goods; N. group of workers which takes turns with other groups; working period of such a group
inordinatebeyond reasonable limits; unrestrained; excessive; Ex. inordinate demands
liquidatesettle accounts; pay off (a debt); clear up; eliminate; kill or abolish
victualsfood; provisions; V. victual: provide with food
suturestitches sewn to hold the cut edges of a wound or incision; material used in sewing; V: sew together a wound