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GRE Word List


bad-tempered; rude; cross

The meaning of the word surly is bad-tempered; rude; cross.

Random words

penologystudy of prison management and criminal rehabilitation
hotheadperson who does things too quickly without thinking; ADJ. hotheaded
archaicantiquated; no longer used; belonging to the past; N.
calloushardened; unfeeling; without sympathy for the sufferings of others; unkind
salaciouslascivious; lustful; Ex. salacious monk
navigable(of a body of water) wide and deep enough to allow ships to pass through; (of a ship or aircraft) able to be steered
disjunctionact or state of separation; disunity; CF. disjunctive: expressing a choice between two ideas; CF. conjunction; CF. conjunctive
immuneresistant to; free or exempt from; N. immunity
hubbubconfused uproar; loud noise; din
prolificproducing offspring or fruit in abundance; fertile; fecund; abundantly fruitful; producing abundant works; Ex. prolific writer