GRE Word List


unshakably calm; placid

The meaning of the word imperturbable is unshakably calm; placid.

Random words

hoardstockpile; accumulate for future use; N: supply stored for future use
lumbermove heavily or clumsily; Ex. The bear lumbered through the woods; N: timber
nauticalpertaining to ships or navigation
preenmake oneself tidy in appearance; feel self-satisfaction or pride; (of a bird) smooth or clean (feathers) with the beak; Ex. preen oneself on; CF. prune
forwardpresumptuous or bold
abetassist usually in doing something wrong; encourage
multiformhaving many forms
stockstandard; kept regularly in stock or supply; typical; routine; common; Ex. stock sizes of paper; Ex. stock excuse/character; N: goods for sale in a shop; OP. unique
paraphraserestate a passage in one's own words while retaining thought of author; N: restatement of a text in other words
empathyability to identify with another's feelings, ideas, etc.; identification with and understanding of another's feelings; V. empathize; CF. sympathy