GRE Word List


unshakably calm; placid

The meaning of the word imperturbable is unshakably calm; placid.

Random words

rubblefragments (esp. from a destroyed building)
sinisterevil; ominous
labilelikely to change; unstable; Ex. emotionally labile; N. lability
cordonextended line of men or fortifications to prevent access or egress; (žîąúŋĄŧ­ °Üĩåļû šØĀ¸ˇÎ °ÉÄĄ´Â) ĀåŊÄ ¸Žēģ; V.
callusarea of thick hard skin
bravadoswagger; assumed air of defiance; false show of bravery
gamelyin a spirited manner; with courage; Ex. fight gamely against a superior boxer; ADJ. game
forwardpresumptuous or bold
sleeksmooth and shining (as from good health); V.
whitsmall amount; smallest speck; Ex. not a whit of