GRE Word List


the hunting of wild animals

The meaning of the word chase is the hunting of wild animals.

Random words

impromptumade, done, or formed on or as if on the spur of the moment : improvised
petrifyto convert (organic matter) into stone or a substance of stony hardness by the infiltration of water and the deposition of dissolved mineral matter
defameto harm the reputation of by communicating false statements about : to harm the reputation of by libel (see libel
assentto agree to or approve of something (such as an idea or suggestion) especially after thoughtful consideration : concur
sordidmarked by baseness or grossness : vile
ruddyhaving a healthy reddish color
omniscienthaving infinite awareness, understanding, and insight
nattytrimly neat and tidy : smart
harrowingacutely distressing or painful
buccaneerany of the freebooters preying on Spanish ships and settlements especially in 17th century West Indies