GRE Word List


characterized by baseness, lowness, or meanness

The meaning of the word ignoble is characterized by baseness, lowness, or meanness.

Random words

lapa loose overlapping or hanging panel or flap especially of a garment
lasciviousfilled with or showing sexual desire : lewd
trajectorythe curve that a body (such as a planet or comet in its orbit or a rocket) describes in space
compileto compose out of materials from other documents
juridicalof or relating to the administration of justice or the office of a judge
lanceta sharp-pointed and commonly 2-edged surgical instrument used to make small incisions
archaeologythe scientific study of material remains (such as tools, pottery, jewelry, stone walls, and monuments) of past human life and activities
tricksterone who tricks: such as
tarantulaany of various large, typically ground-dwelling, hairy, mygalomorph spiders (family Theraphosidae) of warm regions that possess venomous fangs used to subdue and kill prey (such as insects, centipedes, frogs, and mice) caught by ambush or chase and that construct silk-lined burrows but do not build webs to trap food
meretriciousof or relating to a prostitute : having the nature of prostitution