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GRE Word List


pay attention to; N: close attention

The meaning of the word heed is pay attention to; N: close attention.

Random words

reaperone who harvests grain; Ex. the Grim Reaper; V. reap: cut and gather (crop); harvest a crop
uninhibitedunrepressed; free in behavior and feelings
pulserhythmical throbbing of arteries; brief sudden change in a normally constant quantity; V: pulsate
synopticproviding a general overview; summary; N. synopsis
hullhusk; dry outer covering of a seed; frame or body of a ship
flipsend (something) spinning, often into the air, by striking with a light quick blow; turn over; Ex. flip over
repeldrive away; disgust; Ex. repel the attack/moisture; Ex. repelled by the dirty room; CF. repulsion
historicimportant in history; Ex. historic battle
glutinoussticky; viscous; gluey
supposititiousassumed; counterfeit; hypothetical