GRE Word List


violent anguish

The meaning of the word throes is violent anguish.

Random words

dramaprose or verse composition to be performed by actors; play; exciting and unusual situation
balmsomething that relieves pain; oily liquid with a pleasant smell from trees
figurativenot literal but metaphorical; using a figure(impression) of speech
gruesomegrisly; horrible
logrecord of a voyage or flight; record of day-to-day activities; section of a trunk; V.
supersedereplace; cause to be set aside; make obsolete; N. supersession
tardyslow; sluggish; not on time; late; Ex. tardy arrival
infernalpertaining to hell; devilish; N. inferno: place of fiery heat or destruction
frugalitythrift; economy; ADJ. frugal: practicing economy; costing little; inexpensive
lucremoney; profit; Ex. filthy lucre