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GRE Word List


sudden sharp feeling of pain

The meaning of the word pang is sudden sharp feeling of pain.

Random words

boostlift by pushing up from below; increase; raise; N: push upward; increase
nadirlowest point; point on the celestial sphere diametrically opposite the zenith
ominousthreatening; of an evil omen
dumbfoundastonish (making dumb); ADJ. dumbfounded, dumfounded, dumbstruck
miasmaswamp gas; heavy vaporous atmosphere often emanating from decaying matter; pervasive corrupting influence; noxious atmosphere or influence
residueremainder; balance
collateexamine and compare in order to verify authenticity; arrange in order (the sheets of a book before they are bound)
discombobulateddiscomposed; confused
malignspeak evil of; bad-mouth(criticize spitefully); defame; ADJ: harmful; Ex. malign influence
topographyphysical features of a region (such as the shape and height); CF. topo-: place