GRE Word List


with the head foremost

The meaning of the word headfirst is with the head foremost.

Random words

striatedmarked with striations or striae
dogmaticcharacterized by or given to the expression of opinions very strongly or positively as if they were facts
sumptuousextremely costly, rich, luxurious, or magnificent
antediluvianof or relating to the period before the flood described in the Bible
inquisitivegiven to examination or investigation
chameleonany of a family (Chamaeleontidae) of chiefly arboreal (see arboreal
jubilationan act of rejoicing : the state of being jubilant
tolla tax or fee paid for some liberty or privilege (as of passing over a highway or bridge)
languishto be or become feeble, weak, or enervated
aggregateformed by the collection of units or particles into a body, mass, or amount : collective