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GRE Word List


(of a bird) sing; babble; N.

The meaning of the word warble is (of a bird) sing; babble; N..

Random words

raspymaking a harsh noise; grating; harsh
demoniacfiendish; cruel; N. demon: evil supernatural being; devil
cascadesmall waterfall
excisecut away; cut out; N: government tax on good produced and used inside a country; N. excision
indisputabletoo certain to be disputed; beyond doubt
touchstonestone used to test the fineness of gold alloys; criterion; standard
ransacksearch thoroughly; pillage (going through a place); Ex. Enemy soldiers ransacked the town.
slovenlyuntidy; careless in work habits; slipshod; N. sloven: one who is habitually untidy or careless
galvanicof the production of electricity by the action of an acid on a metal; having the effect of an electric shock; Ex. galvanic cell; galvanic effect; CF. Luigi Galvani

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