GRE Word List


examination of a dead body; postmortem; V.

The meaning of the word autopsy is examination of a dead body; postmortem; V..

Random words

scrupulousconscientious; extremely thorough; Ex. scrupulous worker
metropolislarge city
rhetoricart of effective communication; art of using language effectively and persuasively; style of speaking or writing; grandiloquent language; Ex. political rhetoric; ADJ. rhetorical; CF. rhetorical question: question to which no answer is expected as ``Who knows it ?''
balmysoft and mild (of air); fragrant
significantexpressing a meaning; important; Ex. significant smile; N. significance: importance; meaning; V. signify: denote; mean; signal; make known; matter; be significant
mongrelplant or animal (esp. a dog) of mixed breed; ADJ.
schismdivision into factions (esp. within a religious body); split
moratoriumlegal delay of payment or action; Ex. declare moratorium on the building of new houses
malfeasancewrongdoing; misconduct (by a public official)
sucklegive or take milk at the breast or udder