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GRE Word List


utter a deep guttural sound (as a pig does); N.

The meaning of the word grunt is utter a deep guttural sound (as a pig does); N..

Random words

writwritten command issued by a court (telling someone to do or not to do something)
venerabledeserving high respect; commanding respect; CF. command: deserve and get
elicitdraw out fact or information (by discussion or from someone)
ancillaryserving as an aid or accessory; auxiliary; N.
asunderinto parts; apart; V. sunder
unmitigated(of something bad) not moderated; unrelieved or immoderate; without qualification; absolute; Ex. unmitigated disaster
desolatemake desolate; forsake; abandon and desert
precipicecliff; dangerous position; Ex. on the edge of the precipice
chroniclong established as a disease