GRE Word List


not permitting passage (as of a fluid) through its substance

The meaning of the word impermeable is not permitting passage (as of a fluid) through its substance.

Random words

extroverta person whose personality is characterized by extroversion : a typically gregarious and unreserved person who enjoys and seeks out social interaction
grumbleto mutter in discontent
blowhardan arrogantly and pompously boastful or opinionated person : braggart
pacifistan adherent to pacifism : someone who opposes war or violence as a means of settling disputes
witlessdestitute of wit or understanding : foolish
gruesomeinspiring horror or repulsion : grisly
palatialof, relating to, or being a palace
conciliatoryintended to gain goodwill or favor or to reduce hostility : tending or intended to conciliate