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GRE Word List


sociable; (of an animal) tending to form a group


The meaning of the word gregarious is sociable; (of an animal) tending to form a group.

Random words

lodemetal-bearing vein(long deposit of an ore)
cankerany ulcerous sore; ulcer; any evil; CF. cancer
engageattract; employ; hire; pledge oneself; confront; fight; enter into confliction; interlock; lock together; participate; N. engagement: agreement to marry; arrangement to meet someone or to do something; battle
bivouactemporary encampment; camp without tents; V.
hostageperson who is kept as a prisoner by an enemy so that the other side will do what the enemy demands
repulsiondistaste; disgust; act of driving back; ADJ. repulsive: causing disgust; tending to drive away; V. repel (not `repulse')
peonlandless agricultural worker; bond servant; menial worker; N. peonage
incenseenrage; infuriate(make furious); make extremely angry; outrage; N: aromatic substance burned to produce a pleasant odor
reactionarystrongly opposed to social or political change; opposing progress; politically ultraconservative; N. OP. radical