GRE Word List


scarcity; dearth

The meaning of the word paucity is scarcity; dearth.

Random words

doggeddetermined; stubborn; stubbornly persevering; tenacious; Ex. Inspector Javert's dogged pursuit of Jean Valjean
imponderableweightless; that cannot undergo precise evaluation; CF. pound
falsifymake (something written) false by changing
gerontocracygovernment ruled by old people
warrantedjustified; authorized
nihilistone who considers traditional beliefs to be groundless and existence meaningless; absolute skeptic; revolutionary terrorist; CF. nihilism: belief that nothing has meaning or value; belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement
condoleexpress condolences; N. condolence: sympathy for someone who has experienced great sorrow
satellitesmall body revolving around a larger one
inquisitiveeager for knowledge; unduly curious
executeput into effect; carry out; kill as a lawful punishment; N. execution