GRE Word List


narrate or tell (a story); count over again

The meaning of the word recount is narrate or tell (a story); count over again.

Random words

potentpowerful; convincing; persuasive; greatly influential
obeseexcessively fat; N. obesity
deploreregret; express sorrow and severe disapproval for something bad; Ex. deplore their violent behavior; ADJ. deplorable: very bad; deserving severe disapproval; Ex. deplorable living condition
irreparablenot able to be corrected or repaired; impossible to repair
circumscribelimit; confine; draw a line around
robuststrong; vigorous
bureaucracyoverregulated administrative system marked by red tape; ADJ. bureaucratic
bulliongold and silver in the form of bars
pandercater to (the low desires of others)
phylummajor classification, second to kingdom, of plants and animals; category ranking below a kingdom and above a class; division