GRE Word List


tending toward the center

The meaning of the word centripetal is tending toward the center.

Random words

propitiousfavorable; auspicious; advantageous; fortunate; Ex. propitious day/sign
somnolenthalf asleep; drowsy; N. somnolence
unassailablenot open to attack; impregnable; not subject to question
diversionact of turning aside; pastime; V. divert: turn aside from a course; distract; amuse
muskyhaving the odor of musk; N. musk: odorous substance secreted by an Asian deer
stultifymake stupid in mind; cause to appear or become stupid or inconsistent; suppress; frustrate or hinder; Ex. stultifying effect of uninteresting work; Ex. stultify free expression
gourmetconnoisseur of food and drink; epicure
aboriginalbeing the first of its kind in a region; primitive; native; indigenous; N. aborigine
prevalentwidespread; generally accepted