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GRE Word List


please; satisfy; Ex. gratify a desire

The meaning of the word gratify is please; satisfy; Ex. gratify a desire.

Random words

paranoiapsychosis marked by delusions of grandeur or persecution; N: ADJ: paranoid, paranoiac
elysianrelating to paradise; blissful
blundererror; stupid mistake
lateralof or coming from the side
lunarpertaining to the moon
adulteratemake impure or of poorer quality by adding inferior or tainted(contaminated) substances
perniciousvery harmful; deadly; very destructive; Ex. pernicious effect/anemia
lopsidedheavier or larger on one side than the other; Ex. lopsided way of walking
festivejoyous; celebratory; relating to a feast or festival
substantivesubstantial; essential; pertaining to the substance; substantial; considerable; Ex. substantive issues

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