GRE Word List


arranged by degrees (of height, difficulty, etc.)

The meaning of the word graduated is arranged by degrees (of height, difficulty, etc.).

Random words

saboteurone who commits sabotage; destroyer of property; N. sabotage: destruction of property (usually carried out secretly)
deifyturn into a god; make a god of; idolize; Ex. Kings were deified; CF. deity
outwitoutsmart; defeat by behaving more cleverly
manumitemancipate; free from slavery or bondage
muddleconfuse; mix up confusedly; N: state of confusion
queerstrange; eccentric; deviating from the normal
throesviolent anguish
eschewavoid habitually; Ex. eschew alcoholic drinks
enmityill will; hatred; hostility
agrarianpertaining to land or its cultivation; Ex. agrarian reform