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GRE Word List



The meaning of the word invincible is unconquerable.

Random words

dilemmasituation that requires a choice between equally unfavorable options; problem; choice of two unsatisfactory alternatives
antecedentspreceding events that influence what comes later; ancestors or early background
wretchmiserable person; bad or despicable person; ADJ. wretched: miserable; bad; contemptible; vile
artificedeception; trickery
quibbleminor objection or complaint; V: raise minor objections; carp; cavil
representationalshowing things as they actually appear in real life
razedestroy completely; Ex. raze the city to the ground
indentationnotch; deep recess; V. indent; CF. tooth
robuststrong; vigorous
inertinactive; lacking power to move; unable to move or act; Ex. chemically inert; N. inertia: state of being inert; force which keeps a thing in the position or state