GRE Word List


unfairness; ADJ. inequitable

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The meaning of the word inequity is unfairness; ADJ. inequitable.

Random words

bombasticpompous; using inflated language
lachrymoseproducing tears; tearful
orthodoxtraditional; (of someone) conservative in belief; adhering to an established doctrine
consequentialself-important; significant; consequent; following as a result; Ex. consequential air; CF. subsequent
erodeeat away; wear away gradually by abrasion; Ex. The sea erodes the rocks.
ostracizebanish from a group; exclude from public favor; ban; Ex. His friends ostracized him. N. ostracism
chanttune(melody) in which a number of words are sung on the same note; V: sing (a chant); utter (a slogan) in the manner of a chant
acidulousslightly sour (in taste or manner); sharp; caustic
litanysupplicatory prayer; prayer in which the priest calls out and the people replies in the same words