GRE Word List


repay; pay back

The meaning of the word reimburse is repay; pay back.

Random words

limpwalk lamely; ADJ: lacking firmness; weak
aspireseek to attain (position or status); long for; Ex. aspire to become president; Ex. aspire to/after the leadership
callusarea of thick hard skin
colossusgigantic statue; person or thing of great size or importance
frenziedmadly excited; N. frenzy: violent wild excitement
acute(of the senses) sharp; quickly perceptive; keen; penetrating; brief and severe; Ex. acute sense of smell/analysis/pain
pryinquire impertinently (someone else's private affairs); use leverage to raise or open something; prize; N. pries: tool for prying
juxtaposeplace side by side; CF. next
triggerset off; start
mediumelement that is a creature's natural environment; nutrient setting in which microorganisms are cultivated; appropriate occupation or means of expression; channel of communication; compromise; middle position between extremes; intervening substance through which something else is transmitted