GRE Word List


study of word parts; study of the origins of words

The meaning of the word etymology is study of word parts; study of the origins of words.

Random words

inflatedexaggerated; pompous; enlarged (with air or gas)
cringeshrink back as if in fear; cower
potpourriheterogeneous mixture; medley; mixture of dried flower petals a pot (to give a pleasant smell to a room)
willowyflexible; pliant; slender; CF. willow
languidlacking energy or vitality; weary; sluggish; listless
placatepacify; bring peace to; conciliate; appease
hazyslightly obscure; misty; unclear; N. haze: light mist or smoke; confused state of mind
heedlessnot noticing; disregarding
elevationelevated position; altitude; height; flat upright side of a building; angle made by pointing a gun; Ex. The elevation of her style is much admired; Ex. front elevation of the house
staccatoplayed in an abrupt manner; marked by abrupt sharp sound; Ex. staccato applause