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GRE Word List


lazy person

Spring Vocabulary In English

The meaning of the word sluggard is lazy person.

Random words

impecuniouswithout money
penumbrapartial shadow (in an eclipse); CF. almost shadow
cisternreservoir or water tank
ignitekindle; light; catch fire or set fire to
evasivenot frank; trying to hide the truth; eluding; evading; V. evade: avoid (a duty or responsibility) or escape from by deceit
expatriateexile; someone who has withdrawn from his native land; V: exile; banish; leave one's country
defrayprovide for the payment of; undertake the payment of; pay
wigglewriggle; move from side to side with irregular twisting motions
polyglotspeaking several languages; multilingual; Ex. polyglot person/society; N.