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GRE Word List


animal-biting fly; irritating person

The meaning of the word gadfly is animal-biting fly; irritating person.

Random words

inimitablematchless; not able to be imitated
destituteextremely poor; lacking means of subsistence; utterly lacking; devoid; Ex. destitute of any experience
vainfull of self-admiration; conceited; without result; unsuccessful; N. vanity
bookishfond of books and reading
stumpbase of a tree trunk left after the rest has been cut down; V: walk in a heavy manner; baffle; puzzle
tenureholding of an office or real estate; time during which such an office is held
implodeburst inward; CF. vaccum tube
archipelagogroup of closely located islands
proponentsupporter; backer; opposite of opponent
pensivedreamily or deeply thoughtful; sadly thoughtful; thoughtful with a hint of sadness; contemplative; CF. think over