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GRE Word List


full of vigor or energy; vibrating

The meaning of the word vibrant is full of vigor or energy; vibrating.

Random words

nauseouscausing nausea; feeling nausea
syntheticnot natural; artificial; resulting from synthesis; Ex. synthetic fiber; N.
derelictnegligent; (of someone) neglectful of duty; (of something) deserted by an owner; abandoned; N: abandoned property; homeless or vagrant person
colloquialpertaining to conversational or common speech; informal; N. colloquialism: colloquial expression
unceremoniousnot done politely without due formalities
tediumboredom; weariness; ADJ. tedious
unctuousoily; bland; insincerely suave
acidulousslightly sour (in taste or manner); sharp; caustic
gaffesocial blunder
ravenousextremely hungry; voracious