GRE Word List


full of vigor or energy; vibrating

The meaning of the word vibrant is full of vigor or energy; vibrating.

Random words

contagioninfection (by contact); ADJ. contagious; CF. infectious: that can be passed by infection in the air
vendettablood feud (esp. between two families); CF. Nina Williams
jocosegiven to(having a tendency of) joking
pithcore or marrow; spongelike substance in the center of stems; essence; substance
avowdeclare openly; N. avowal
kineticproducing motion; of motion
genreparticular variety of art or literature
knottyintricate; difficult; tangled; CF. knot
cynicalskeptical or distrustful of human motives; N. cynicism; CF. cynic: person who believes all people are motivated by selfishness
animatedlively; spirited