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GRE Word List


fern leaf; palm or banana leaf

Spring Vocabulary In English

The meaning of the word frond is fern leaf; palm or banana leaf.

Random words

tyrobeginner; novice
ratifyapprove formally; confirm; verify
macabregruesome; grisly; ghastly; CF. of death
protuberanceprotrusion; swelling; bulge
growllow, guttural, menacing sound (as of a dog)
cohortsgroup of people who share some common quality; armed band; a group of between 300 and 600 soldiers under one commander (in the ancient Rome)
torquetwisting force; force producing rotation
ferretdrive or hunt out of hiding; hunt with ferrets; drive out (as from a hiding place); expel; uncover or discover by searching; Ex. ferret out the secret; N. small fierce animal which catches rats and rabbits by going into their holes
vertexsummit; highest point; PL. vertices