GRE Word List


pantry; place where food is kept

The meaning of the word larder is pantry; place where food is kept.

Random words

waryvery cautious; watchful
ramshackle(of a building or vehicle) poorly constructed; rickety; falling apart
voraciousravenous; eating large quantities of food; exceedingly eager; insatiable; Ex. voracious animal/reader
privysecret; hidden; not public; made a participant in something secret; Ex. privy chamber government; Ex. be privy to a discussion; CF. private
inamoratawoman whom a man loves
sacrosanctinvioably sacred; most sacred; inviolable
cozencheat; hoodwink; swindle
perfidioustreacherous; disloyal; N. perfidy: treachery
propinquitynearness (in space or relationship); proximity; kinship
mellifluous(of words or a voice) sweetly or smoothly flowing; melodious; having a pleasant tune