GRE Word List


to burst inward

The meaning of the word implode is to burst inward.

Random words

homelysuggestive or characteristic of a place of residence or home
halcyoncharacterized by happiness, great success, and prosperity : golden
expatiateto move about freely or at will : wander
importto bring from a foreign or external source: such as
breadthdistance from side to side : width
metropolisthe chief or capital city of a country, state, or region
trystan agreement (as between lovers) to meet
ecosystemthe complex of a community of organisms and its environment functioning as an ecological unit
baroqueof, relating to, or having the characteristics of a style of artistic expression prevalent especially in the 17th century that is marked generally by use of complex forms, bold ornamentation, and the juxtaposition of contrasting elements often conveying a sense of drama, movement, and tension
grovelto creep with the face to the ground : crawl