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GRE Word List


conclusion; concluding part

The meaning of the word finale is conclusion; concluding part.

Random words

arid(of land) dry; barren; unproductive
somaticpertaining to the body; bodily; physical
atheisticdenying the existence of God; N. atheism
plethoraexcess; overabundance; Ex. a plethora of excuses
congruencecorrespondence of parts; harmonious relationship; CF. congruity
defrockstrip a priest or minister of church authority; unfrock
inquisitorquestioner (especially harsh); investigator; person making an inquisition
reprisemusical repetition; repeating of a piece of music; repeat performance; recurrent action; Ex. reprise in the finale; Ex. constant reprises
whittlepare; cut away thin bits (from wood); fashion in this way; reduce gradually; trim
clownact stupidly; play the fool; N.